IRR report on NHI describes government policy as catastrophic for SA healthcare


This report suggests that NHI will destroy private healthcare and result in a drastic deterioration in South African healthcare standards. It will cause loss of medical practitioner's autonomy and result in a huge inefficient bureacracy that is likely to be plagued by maladministration and corruption.

It is likely to result in increased emigration of healthcare personnel and even citizens who are dissatisfied with deteriorating standards of care. It is these wealthy south africans who actually fund the proposed NHI through increased taxation.

Increased government regulation and meddling has actually increased cost of healthcare insurance and made low cost health insurance unaffordable to lower income groups. Public hospital healthcare standards have deteriorated and resulted in a drastic increase in medical malpractice claims. PMB legislation has increased the cost of entry level medical insurance.

There are numerous proposals in this report that suggest better approaches and successful healthcare methods that have been used in other countries.  The public need to understand the great threat that NHI poses.


Read the full report:  NHI Risks lives for no good reason.pdf




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